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June 11 2013


Option Treatments for Persistent Lyme Disease?

According to the majority of LLD's, antibiotics are the surest method to cure Lyme illness, chronic or or else.

For a wide selection of reasons, antibiotics are unthinkable as a remedy, along with the actual inherent dangers associated with taking antibiotics long-term that has both forced the market and medical science to locate other solutions; but also opened up a door to some creative process that could otherwise appear to have been ignored.

Some of the alternatives happen to be covered extensively in other blogs here and a number of other places as nicely, and the subsequent procedures will most surely be covered within more detail within individual posts later on. The irony regarding several alternative treatments is that they may be more dangerous than the long run antibiotics. But the desperation that the majority of us feel year after year with no energy to work as a normal human being pushes us to wish to take greater as well as greater risks if this means regaining our life.

The Rife Machine is known as after a scientist who lived in the turn of the actual century and developed a guitar suggested to possess destructive effects upon different pathogenic microorganisms using sound. Various microorganisms possess specific tolerances with regard to radiation frequencies and may be destroyed when the frequency is higher enough. The Rife Machine will be adjusted to various frequencies to specifically target the kind of pathogen affecting sufferers. All species as well as molecules have distinctive resonant frequencies therefore nothing else except the prospective would be ruined.

Unfortunately, most all associated with Dr. Rife's work had been destroyed by aggressive medical peers and anyone who has tried to re-create his research happen to be black-balled - so much in order that it is now illegal to construct, market or market "Rife" machines. It is really unfortunate that a few unscrupulous marketing specialists earned a lot of money selling "Rife machines" assured to cure most cancers, and he visited jail, and the phrase "Rife machine" is actually off-limits. Forgive me with regard to saying that it might not be such a terrible thing because there are several different kinds of technology that provide Dr. Rife's original machine that was confusing to individuals who were ill -- especially with Lyme haze.

Frequency Generator

The Rife Machine is actually a frequency device. Although the hypotheses behind pathogen damage through specific resonance frequencies tend to be correct, there are definitely factors beyond the actual scope and limitation from the technology. Dealing with countless trillions of frequencies cannot guarantee how the machine can effectively and accurately focus on present pathogens.

There are countless trillions of resonant frequencies regarding various molecules as well as species, and Frequency Generators are often adjusted within the actual 10-100 MHZ variety. Some have reported how the instrument can remedy cancer, Lyme, herpes, tuberculosis, typhoid, tetanus, influenza, spinal meningitis as well as polio, however, there are no scientific peer-reviewed studies to aid these claims.

Modulating polarity is actually one useful perform of Frequency Machines which prevents germs and viruses through reproducing. It has successfully been utilized in products like the ionic toothbrush which prevents decay as well as tartar. Polarity techniques will also be very helpful for people that are regarded as more sensitive during syphilis treatment for example pregnant women as well as geriatric and pediatric sufferers.

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